Women Changing The World

Here’s to all the amazing women in the world who caused change in 2017.

The women who marched and those who cheered on from afar. 

The girls who will grow to be leaders one day and those women who already are.  

Women who made and will make history through sporting,


or posthumus scientific endeavours.  

Those women who won the right to drive (after 30 long years of campaigning)

and those who won the right to marriage equality.  

In 2017, we had movies made by women for women which gave our girls hope and inspiration.  

We had women playing sport to capacity crowds and then making history in sporting awards.  


We stood up to people who were in positions of power and gave other women courage to do the same.  

We applauded when women demanded equal pay and then walked when they didn’t get it. 

You can’t ignore it.  The seeds of change are coming.

So here’s to you - the rebels, the mighty girls, the dreamers and the doers, the ones who challenge the status quo.  

Because it’s women like you who are crazy enough to think they can help us to save the world, that probably will.



Cherry, Ness and the Bleed For You Team.