Why Bleed For You?

It all started over drinks one Friday night where we were discussing switching to buying products from companies that are doing good for the world.  We recognised that consumers have the power to make real change but as women we had virtually no choice when it came to something we HAD to buy every month. 

After getting out the trusty iphone and calculating that across an average woman’s lifetime, she will purchase around 14,000 tampons we started a google search.  We found that the feminine hygiene market was worth $35.4 billion worldwide and that unsurprisingly, company after company was making huge profits with little evidence of giving back.  

There were also serious ethical questions when we discovered that one big player had deliberately not placed warning labels on product used by women even though there was a known link to ovarian cancer. Unbelievably, despite all of this, the CEO was still on an outrageous salary package, pocketing in the vicinity of $14 million per year.

So we posed the questions: 

Should big business corporates be raking in enormous profits from women bleeding once a month?
Was there a way to create a brand that had values that resonated with us? A brand that was organic, ethical, fair, authentic and most importantly, gave back?

Was there a way to create something for the consumer who purchases more consciously, where profits were used for a good purpose? 

We started to think that if we were going to bleed once a month – we may as well bleed to help women in need.

And Bleed For You was born!

Buy Now To Give Back!

The Bleed For You Company

Bleed for You is a small Australasian-based company which offers ethically certified organic cotton tampons with 50% of the profits going to charities that support women’s health and education.

We strongly believe in the power of socially-conscious and environmentally sustainable enterprises to create change. We are committed to supporting access to women’s reproductive health services in every way we can.

We believe women should be in charge of their own bodies. And their own profits.

The Bleed For You Team

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