Where Profits Go

Profit Donations

We think it is crucial to address the inequality and hardship so many women face. Women usually have less access to money, education, opportunity, and resources, yet they shoulder the burden of raising children while working often on their own. We want to be a small but important step on the long road to equality for women here and across the world.

We think the best way to achieve this is by supporting a local and an international charity

As such we have formally partnered to share our profits with  Share The Dignity (in support of homeless women in NZ and Australia) and are currently liasing with Marie Stopes International (in the hope of assisting their work providing reproductive health services to women in the third world).

Kimberley Hikaka is our Charity Advisor and has a range of experience. She is currently working in Syria for Medecin Sans Frontiers.

Long term, we will be consulting with our subscribers over initiatives they’d like to see supported


Tampon Donations

In Newcastle, we are proud to support the Wesley Youth Project which is part of the Wesley Mission.  Our ongoing donation will see tampons being made available to young women who struggle to buy sanitary items.