Vanessa Alexander

Vanessa Alexander is a mother-of-six and an Emmy-nominated producer/director/writer who has worked extensively in Australia and New Zealand. 

A two-time Best Director Nominee, Vanessa is the original director of Outrageous Fortune, a past winner of NZ New Filmmaker of the Year, Best NZ Television Series, and SWANZ Best Comedy Script. 

In Australia, she has written for a number of shows including Love Child and The Wrong Girl. After a few glasses of wine, Vanessa is fond of explaining to people how directing Power Rangers caused her entire female ancestry to visit her in a dream to make her promise to get off her ass and do something. Now referred to as the ‘Dream of the 100,000 vaginas’, Vanessa made good on her promise by going to clown school in Paris and opening a profit sharing tampon company

Cherry Connew

Of Te Arawa, Ngati Rangiwewehi descent, Cherry was the first Maori woman to complete a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. Subsequently awarded a Masters fellowship in Environmental Management, Cherry went on to spend 10 years at one of NZ’s largest energy companies managing environmental issues, working with stakeholders and serving as trustee on a number of Ecological Enhancement Trusts.

In 2011, unable to get childcare, Cherry decided to create her own job using her background in coding, technology and people skills. She now runs a growing social media and digital marketing agency. 
With three sisters and two daughters, Cherry is a strong advocate for women, having seen firsthand the lack of advancement afforded to them in the male dominated world of engineering. Claiming the Owl as her spirit animal, Cherry hates running, hasn't quite nailed a 70kg clean and jerk, and a very long time ago was a regional long jump champion.



James Sulzberger

A Tasmanian by birth, James has spent the last 25 years working in manufacturing and heavy industry. During this time he has acquired skills in numerous areas, including Production, Quality Assurance, Innovation and Product Development, Risk Management, International Procurement, and Worldwide Supply Systems. His formal education includes Industrial Patternmaking, Material Science, and an MBA.

An advocate for equality, James is very proud to be part of the team and considers environmental sustainability and ethical business practice and important aspect of any company’s mission.

In 2015, James amazingly biked 4400 kilometers from Paris to Moscow. 


Kimberley Hikaka

Both Nga Ruahine and Ngati Irish, Kimberley left a career as a BAFTA winning producer to transfer her skills to the humanitarian sector.

She currently works for Medecins Sans Frontieres in Uganda, and has spent the last few years in the field with in countries such as Yemen, Libya, Malawi, Iraq and Papua New Guinea. As a result, Kimberley can verify first hand that healthcare for women and children in particular suffer most in such contexts, and finds contributing back to those who don't have freedom of choice an important and rewarding endeavour.

Dedicated to supporting ventures that can help improve the lives of others in a way that is sustainable for the environment, Kimberley has come on board Bleed for You in an oversight and advisory role. She will help interrogate the charity decision-making process and ensure the donations are best directed in terms of relevance and on the ground effectiveness. 

Arlo Alexander-Meylan

Arlo was born in New Zealand but has lived in four countries, attending more schools than he can count. He has three sisters and two brothers who each have equally as crazy names (blame his mother!).

Arlo became interested in social conscious businesses when he was in high school, fascinated by companies such as Thank You Water and Who Gives A Crap. His only question was “Why aren’t these products everywhere?”. When his mother mentioned the issue of female hygiene Arlo was struck by the sheer importance of such a product. This motivated Arlo to do the early work of product sourcing for Bleed for You.

Doing an Arts Degree at University of New South Wales, he plans to dedicate his life to social justice work and improving the world in one way or another. Arlo has had a long involvement in youth advocacy programs such as NSW Youth Parliament, where he held the roles of Youth Premier and Youth Governor. At university he found debating, and found he simply loves to argue. In January this year, Arlo was ranked the 157th at the World Debating Championships in the Hague. Arlo also works as an Opera House Tour Guide and enjoys playing music.