As consumers, we have the power to make real change just by thinking more about what we are buying and choosing to buy brands that reflect our internal values.  

We started Bleed For You because we found that as women we had virtually no choice when it came to tampons - a purchase we HAVE to make every month. 

When we found that the feminine hygiene market made billions worldwide and that company after company takes these profits with little evidence of giving back or doing good for the world we felt it was our calling to provide a REAL choice for women!  

We asked ourselves:

Could we create a brand that had values around giving back to make the world a better place?
Could we create a brand that had products that were organic, ethical and fair?

And voila, Bleed For You was born! 

It wasn't that easy of course. 


But we managed to source our tampons while ensuring that they were organic and ethically made.  We managed to find packaging for our delivery boxes that was recycled.  We've forged partnerships with charities that share the same values that we do. 


We're still learning this business as we go but we are guided by our mission to build a solid business that does some good for the world, particularly women.

So YES, buy our tampons. 

But buy them so that you can join us as part of a consumer movement for global change.

Buy them to send a signal that you make a conscious choice about what you purchase and where profits from your purchases go.

Buy them because you want the money from your tampons to go back to charities that support women's health and education.

Buy them because you think like us, that tampons really can save the world.


Because let's face it.  When women are educated and healthy, the whole world benefits.


Buy and Give