What is Bleed for You?

Bleed For You is an Australia and NZ based, subscription, delivery-to-your-door, organic tampon company, committed to giving 50% of profits away to support women.


How does Bleed For You tampon subscription work?

Sign up on our products page, choose your mix (super, regular, mini) AND go through the checkout. We deliver to your door, so you won’t ever have to send your partner to the shop in the rain at 2 am again.

You can purchase 3 months, 6 months, or a whole year at once – and if you subscribe you get a discount. On subscription, we check you haven’t changed address a week before you are due to run out and then send them again without you having to remember to do it. Subscribers can cancel at any time!


How much is delivery and do you ship internationally?

Delivery within Australia is free.  We only ship to NZ at the moment and this costs $7.95 for the three month subscription and $10 for six months and one year.


How long does delivery take?

Delivery within Australia only takes a couple of days.  We aim to pack and ship your tampons out within 24 hours (unless it's the weekend).  Delivery to NZ will take a week.  This is because we pack and ship our NZ delivery orders on a Monday morning.  We've found that the best way to ensure cheap delivery costs to NZ is to bulk send all our orders once a week. 
We are working on establishing a NZ warehouse at the moment so that we can offer free delivery to NZ.

How do I cancel?

Sign in and cancel online or simply email us - tampons@bleedforyou.com


Do you sell pads?

We hope to grow our investment into pads soon. Sign up and we will keep you posted!


What about cups?

Same. As we expand we will look at offering these as well.


Are your tampons organic?

Yes. Certified by GOTS – a rigorous European organisation.Look for our Organic Certification logo on every pack.

What is ICEA certification?

ICEA (Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute) plays an active and important role in preservation, supporting biodiversity, respecting common welfare, human rights, cooperation, participation, and sharing of choices as a democratic model. You can see this Ethical and Environmental Certification on the side of every pack.


Where are your tampons made?

NO tampons are made in Australia or NZ so we had to go to Europe.  We considered other countries that were closer but the European Union has very stringent certifications on manufacturing. This was the only way we felt we could guarantee our customers that our product is really organic and chemical free.


Who Do You Share Profits With? 

We wanted to support a local and an international charity. So, we have formally partnered with Share the Dignity, (in support of homeless women in NZ and Australia) and are currently liasing with Marie Stopes International (who provide reproductive health services to women in the third world). Kimberley Hikaka is our Charity Advisor and has a range of experience. She is currently working in Syria for Medecin Sans Frontiers. Long term, we will be consulting with our subscribers over initiatives they’d like to see supported.


What inspired you to start Bleed For You?

It all started with this simple question. Should big business corporates be raking in the profits from women bleeding once a month? Or is there a way to see these profits returned to women? We couldn’t see anything that did this – so we took it into our own hands to create this option.


Across the average woman’s lifetime, she will purchase around 14,000 tampons. The entire female hygiene market worldwide is set to reach $42.7 billion by 2022. All over the world women face inequality. They have less access to money, education, opportunity, and resources. We think that a business profit sharing model (like us) is a small but important step on the long road to an equal world.
If you’re going to bleed once a month – you may as well 'bleed for you’.


Who is behind Bleed For You

Vanessa Alexander, Cherry Connew, and James Sulzberger. Although we’ve had lots of support from others to get us this far. We are all parents who met at the school gate and shared a desire build on the conscious capitalism model to support women in need.

Vanessa is a screenwriter for shows like Love Child, The Wrong Girl, and Secret Daughter who has fought in her own industry for better access for women.

Cherry is an environmental engineer turned digital marketing consultant, who came up with the idea of running this whole thing as an online subscription business.

James has spent 25 years in manufacturing and is amazing at organising us and helping us meet all our legal and importing requirements.


What are your plans for Bleed for You?

Tampons to save the world. We’re not joking!