Yay! You're Here!

We're so excited and happy that you're considering buying an organic, ethical product that gives profits back to women. 

Just to let you know, it's only a couple of super easy steps to get your tampons on their way.

1.  Select how often you wish to receive your tampons
2.  Choose how many boxes of each size that you want.
3.  Buy them.
4. Tell your friends!


About the numbers........

We've worked out that on average a woman uses just over one box of tampons for her period.  We know that every woman is different so we've assumed two boxes for each month. That's why there's six boxes for three months etc.  If this doesn't work for you then email us on tampons@bleedforyou.com and we'll see what we can do!

If you have any more questions we have a FAQ section.