We're so excited and happy that your considering subscribing to our organic, ethical tampons that give profits back to women

We hope you're as excited as we are.  We love seeing profits from tampons going back to help women and girls struggling with homelessness, domestic violence and poverty.

Now all you need to do is choose your mix - and we will get your ethical and organically certified tampons on their way.  We promise to make it easy, and if things change, you can cancel at anytime!

Only a couple of super easy steps to get your tampons on their way.

1. Select how often you wish to receive your tampons (3, 6 or 12 monthly delivery)
2. Build your box including the number of each absorbency that you want.
3. Buy them.
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About your subscription

Once you subscribe, look out for an Account Activation email in your inbox.  This link will allow you to activate your own personal account within our system.  The account will let you alter your mix, delay the delivery and pause or cancel your subscription.

We do send an email out a couple of days before we dispatch your subsequent deliveries, which reminds you that we are about to charge your credit card and giving you time to alter your subscription to suit your wishes.

We totally get that plans change and circumstances alter.  We vow that if you cancel your subscription we can still be friends!!

About the numbers........

We've worked out that on average a woman uses just over one box of tampons for her period. We know that every woman is different so we've assumed two boxes for each month. That's why there's six boxes for three months etc. If this doesn't work for you then email us on tampons@bleedforyou.com and we'll see what we can do!

If you have any more questions we have a FAQ section.