What A Year For Bleed For You

What A Year For Bleed For You

January 07, 2018

Happy New Years

What an amazing year 2017 has been for women around the world!

The Women’s March brought over 5 million women together worldwide creating the largest collective action in history. #Meetoo saw sexual harassment under the spotlight. Jacinda Ardern became our youngest world leader. LGBT equality got a big YES in Australia. Feminism was the word of the year according to Merriam Webster dictionary, and Wonder Woman became the top grossing superhero film of all time. Looking back, it’s no surprise that this year also gave birth to Bleed for You, tampons to save the world.


So in the light of all that female empowerment, we at Bleed For You decided to share our exciting 2017 wins.

    • We got started! From a crazy idea on Women’s Day back in March to our final New Year’s Eve delivery, we worked hard to plan, fundraise, source, import and build a company committed to social change.  Nothing excites us more than people choosing the world they want to live in through their purchases.

    • We carefully sought tampons we knew represented our organic and ethically sourced values.

    • Our decision not to shrink wrap the cardboard packs (tampons are wrapped individually for hygiene) saved over 2,727,000 cm2 of plastic from landfills and oceans.

    • Together we backed ourselves by investing 40K of our own funds.

    • We launched our Online Store, our Facebook page, and our Instagram profile

    • We tested, certified and then imported 150,000 organic cotton tampons in three different sizes

    • Then it was time to deliver on our mini ‘kickstarter’ pre-sale campaign, so in mid-August, we sent out our first 200 orders to our fabulous Foundation Subscribers.

    • We donated over 2000 tampons to Wesley Mission in Newcastle (where we are based) for use at their MacKenzie Centre. This has helped around 200 women and youth access free tampons as part of their Early Intervention Youth Programme.

    • We donated 250 tampons to a women’s refuge in New Zealand.

    • We donated a year’s supply of tampons as a prize, that helped raise over $5000 in funds for cancer research at the Pink and Purple Breakfast in Wellington.

    • We donated $200 to a Caves Beach community group raising funds for girls in community schools in Nepal.

    • Wanting to strengthen our relationship with charities, we approached Rochelle Courtenay and got excited about becoming one of Share the Dignity’s sponsors. An amazing Australian charity, Share the Dignity gives tens of thousands of sanitary products to homeless women, girls in disadvantaged situations and fights for domestic violence victims. 

    • We did some media interviews( Radio NZ ) and a comedy podcast for the fabulous Zoe Norton Lodge at Storyclub in the Giant Dwarf.

    • Short of money to spend on creating content, in October we put together a 2-day photo shoot of fabulous volunteer models from Newcastle and surrounds. Thanks to them and our brilliant friends Gav, Lisa and Olivia at Newcastle creative agency Good Eye Deer for bringing new life to our imagery.

    • Mia Freedman at Mamamia made us one of their Lady Start Ups to support, and told the world we were the best tampons to buy. #ladystartup for #ladybosses

    • Over 1598 people joined us on our Facebook @webleedforyou.

    • And all of us put in hours of unpaid work, trying to set up, grow our sales and get out orders on time, excited by the fact that once we got everything up and running we would be able to give away profits and make real difference to women’s lives.

We learned a lot on the way: 

  • Launching took way more time and cost more than we forecasted.

  • We needed more prep than we had.

  • We were surprisingly slowed by box dimensions!

  • There was a strike in Europe that meant our tampons literally missed the boat.

  • We ironed out a lot of small issues with our store and delivery processes.

  • Bumps and glitches with our online store processes needed to be spotted and smoothed out.


But we made it through our first 4 months of trading and now we are working on some exciting new directions:

  • A redesign of our boxes to makes it easier to tell the sizes apart. (We find it hard too!)

  • A trial program of selling through small stores.

  • Examining ways we can tailor subscription options for each individual

  • Negotiating to secure an International Charity Partner doing great things for women and girls that will also help us grow awareness of our product to their supporters.

  • Finalising a relationship with an exciting new partner who can help us grow into pads and pantyliners, as well as improve our website and social media reach.


A Final Thought…

The purchases we make decide the future of the world we want to live in. So bring on 2018, choose wisely, and let’s make it a world we all want to share.


Thanks so much for your support,
Vanessa, Cherry, James and Arlo
Join the Bleed for You revolution www.bleedforyou.com.
We love feedback so please drop us an email at tampons@bleedforyou.com



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