October 18, 2017

Photo shoot and impromptu tampon street party!

Last week I went to see a friend. You know the kind.  She's one of those superwoman besties that has a magical ability to just get shit done. I was feeling overwhelmed, and I asked her to help me get some new images for this site. No problem she said. Come to my breakfast meeting, I think I can bring a friend who might be able to help to. Nothing beats the fact that then these two organised a few more women, and then they organised a few more women and so on... and then suddenly we have a 2 day photo shoot happening. 

We got piles of "content" (something we desperately needed to run a campaign and make people aware of the fact that you can buy kick-ass feminist tampons) but it was more than that. The whole experience also reminded me of how amazing women are.

The time got changed. 15 women of all ages came an hour ahead of the other half and I had to amuse them in a bar nearby so they didn't freeze. Everyone was so gracious about it. A mum at the shoot told me she was so glad she'd brought her teenage daughter down. And I get it. As I passed her a glass of wine and looked back to the photographer I was conscious this was something we rarely see. Thirty women, of all ages and sizes and colours - kind of laughing and clowning around. Too often we only see curated images that are all about female sex appeal. All about the male gaze.  All about men looking at us. 

But not this day.

It was just women hanging out. Women wanting to support a tampon company that gives back. Everyone gave us two hours - for not much more than a box of tampons, a sneaky roadside glass of bubbly, and a handful of crisps. There were hilariously silly jokes about vaginas and boxes. From women. Not the pervy unwanted comments too many of us have had tossed our way.

It felt great. And the photos show it.

Thank you Ladyhumans of Newcastle - so many of you who are foundation subscribers.

You rock.


PS - To Jesse - the man among 30 women who said the word tampon more times in one day than he likely ever will again - RESPECT. You are awesome.