7 Unique Ways to Share the Love on Valentine’s Day that are also good for the world!

7 Unique Ways to Share the Love on Valentine’s Day that are also good for the world!

February 14, 2018

Here’s some unique ways to make sure that no matter what you do for Valentine’s Day, other people or the planet benefit too! Because no matter how much we love flowers, or chocolates or even sex toys – just like organic tampons they are not all created equal. 

  1. Lonely? It’s a love letter to yourself you need.

There’s nothing like a bit of romantic lingerie for a Valentine’s Day date night. Lonely designer Helene Morris says her products are “For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves.” The NZ based company shares the love by celebrating the strength and individuality of all women through sexy lingerie for REAL WOMEN. Yep, you heard right. Real Women. Not ‘angels’ or Barbie doll models. Lonely fosters a sense of positive body image and freedom of expression using unconventional marketing. Using images of women from all around the world, they make lingerie sexy in all shapes and sizes. Keep a look out on their site for Lena Dunham and a breastfeeding mum, our personal photo faves.

  1. Make Share the Dignity your Valentine!

For the month of February, for every box of organic tampons you buy from Bleed For You, they will give the same number to Share The Dignity – no matter how many you buy. Share The Dignity is trying to rebuild its stores of tampons to meet the needs of indigenous girls who are forced to stay home from school due to lack of access.  See this report from The Guardian. Share The Dignity collects and distributes thousands of pads, tampons and personal hygiene products every year for women experiencing homelessness and poverty. 

  1. Organic Flowers and Bleed For You Organic Tampons that give a box for every box you buy! Get a Bunch from an Organic Florist

First there was Fair Trade coffee and Fair Trade clothing, but did you know that foreign workers in the flower industry are also exploited? In Kenya, Vietnam and Ecuador, employees live in poverty because they are paid as little as $1 a day (for a 12-hour shift) for working in inadequate working conditions. The Little Flower Farm in Melbourne is committed to sustainability, producing true to type, heirloom blooms in an organic, open air setting. This farm is open from September to June so perfect for any Valentine’s orders!

  1. Make Fairtrade chocolate your only chocolate.

Let’s be honest. It’s not Love but chocolate that we love the most about Valentine’s Day. So this year, stick to Fairtrade. Despite the growing demand for cocoa, the terms of trade remain unfair.  Many producers struggle to earn a sustainable income, which means child labour is often used in the production. Disease and age are damaging cocoa trees, and rising production costs mean farmers and their families remain in poverty. Fairtrade helps to make cocoa farming sustainable by guaranteeing minimum prices and investing in local communities, so workers can provide a better future for themselves. A full list of where you can buy Fairtrade chocolate can be found on their website. Yum!

  1. Billy Kwong – Chinese Eating House

In Sydney for a special Valentine’s weekend retreat? Well you can’t go past Billy Kwong. Winner of the Good Food Guide’s inaugural Sustainability Award, this Sydney based restaurant has been going green since 2004. Even better, in 2007 it became the first restaurant in NSW to be 100 percent climate neutral!

For other sustainable restaurants and bars check out this link.

  1. Gifts from Etiko are gifts for a better world.

If it’s clothing you want this Valentines, then check out Australian company Etiko. Derived from the Greek word for ‘ethical’, Etiko’s mission is to ensure workers and producers in apparel, footwear and sports ball supply chains get a fair go. For Etiko, the payment of fair prices and development premiums is fundamental to labour rights in the garment industries. Set up and run by an Aussie family, the company has been delivering positive social impact for over 10 years. So go and splurge on some clothes for your loved one knowing you’re doing good for the planet.

  1. Vavven

A bit of kink never goes amiss and Vavven has lots of toys and devices you can use to surprise and delight your loved one. But this Australian company is no ordinary sex store – it’s a socially conscious business than openly states it’s mission as “creating philanthropists through orgasm”! Vavven sells body-safe, ethically made sex toys as well as providing education, resources and other lifestyle products. Vavven is also committed to sharing information that is non-objectified, sex positive and geared to every individual, regardless of their age, gender or lifestyle. Check out their glass Ben-Wa balls for an object of beauty and a practical way to strengthen those kegels.


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